b.spoken works hard to support leaders and individuals with outstanding fashion.

b.spoken is your made-to-measure tailor with the goal to supply you with individual and meaningful fashion. We believe that there are no rules or limits to what somebody should wear. Every human is different and at b.spoken we work continuously to support your individual strengths and to create looks that are truly unique.

Nowadays the joy of wearing fashion is often defined by global brands trying to recommend their customers how to dress based on trends and market needs. At b.spoken we like to dress you personally based on individual taste. We convey our values by nothing else than personal confidence, happiness and individual style. That should define what to wear and for what reason.

Become a part on our journey to become the most personalized and unique fashion brand and build our community with us. b.spoken wants to create value for everyone and support individuals with their perfect fashion look.


Christopher Schaurte completed much of his academic career in the UK.

During his time at various boarding schools, he got to know the culture of the world of suits & school uniforms and developed his own ideal of the men’s wardrobe. After various impressions from internships in the fashion industry, the desire to work in this branch became stronger.

Through b.spoken it is possible for Christopher Schaurte to turn his passion into a job and to give even more people access to individual and meaningful fashion.

JÜRGEN RESCHOP – Business Angel

With more than 25 years of experience in the textile industry and in the production of men’s clothing, Jürgen Reschop is accompanying b.spoken with his outstanding knowledge as a consultant and pioneer.

Jürgen Reschop was involved in setting up the largest German bespoke manufacture, MAILE. Today he runs his own made-to-measure manufacture with great ambition and success. He supports b.spoken in its development.


Robin Halfmann comes from a Düsseldorf furrier family, which paved the way into the fashion world at an early age.

After successfully graduating from high school in 2015, he began training as a furrier in September of the same year. After the two-year apprenticeship, he gained valuable experience in his teaching company and in his own family business.

Through additional training in a pattern drawing school, he developed a comprehensive understanding of shapes and the development of new products in addition to his sense of fashion, which he had learned over the years in the family business.

Robin Halfmann is enthusiastic about developing new collections and ideas and fascinates his fellow human beings with great creativity and an outstanding sense of fashion.

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