2020 was supposed to be a completely normal year. I started my job directly after my studies at a hotel operating company in Munich. All my life, I’ve been enthusiastic about hotels with excellent service and offerings. But then things changed abruptly. Suddenly the whole world was in turmoil because of a virus. My work at the hotel operating company reduced drastically and I could see many industries changing greatly. Hotels, restaurants, clubs and other service businesses went out of business or are still struggling to survive.

However, every crisis also holds an opportunity and one day my good friend Chris came to me with a business idea. Just at the time when all fashion stores were going bankrupt, b.spoken was born. He explained the idea to me relatively simply: “High-quality made-to-measure fashion for young people with the vision of completely redesigning product distribution and offering real value to the customer“.


b.spoken takes shape

Never in my previous life had I thought about going into the fashion industry. My goals were to run my own hotel, build something in digital and one day make myself financially independent. However, I have been interested in individual and expressive fashion all my life and like to dress elegantly for certain occasions.
Chris told me he wanted to target my strengths in financially building the company as CFO. He also showed me how much potential the idea could really have with his enthusiastic preparation and an already trademarked brand. Robin, another good friend of ours, would be the CPO, using his experience in textiles to drive product development and proactively shape marketing.

Since that moment, the idea to build b.spoken was born and although we were faced with almost nothing in mid-2020, I now look back on eventful months, full of ups and downs. Together, we were able to start inspiring the first people and industry insiders with our idea and quickly realized that our concept was catching on. First sales put our knowledge to the test and we quickly realized that it can be very challenging to develop your dream.
We were able to complete our business plan at the end of 2020 and start powerfully in 2021. In the meantime, our complete online presence is under construction and in exchange with potential cooperation partners and customers we were able to develop ingenious and innovative product ideas. Now it’s all about the implementation and I’m excited to present you something new together with Robin & Chris soon.