Hi, my friends of good taste,

I am Robin from the b.spoken team and hold the position of CPO. Accordingly, my job is to develop collections and provide style advice to customers and prospects. Our highest good is customer satisfaction and that is mostly missing in other companies. I am committed to making every customer feel well taken care of and take home a positive experience, whether they are buying a product or just getting advice.

We work every day to provide you with the most exceptional fabrics in the world, so you stand out from the crowd. Because nothing is more boring than being just ordinary. And since last March, nothing has been ordinary anyway.
Even though we are going through a difficult time, we work for you every day to create something new to make every morning special.

The feeling I had when I threw on a b.spoken jacket for the first time was simply awesome. It starts with the fascinating handwork that makes the jacket feather-light and super comfortable to wear. But this article is not meant to be a sales pitch, but an introduction to my dream. My wish is to bring class back into our closets. Out with the oversized hoodies in public. Out with sweatpants.

You guys think I’ve never owned them? Oh yes, I do. Everyone has made a bad investment now and then. But let’s face it, we’re old enough to dress decently. You shouldn’t go out in a suit and tie on Sundays to fetch bread rolls or in a tuxedo to drink a few beers in the evening. But at least at some events MAN should dress appropriately. No one should show up at a birthday party in a T-shirt or go to the opera in jeans. It’s all tolerated now, but just because you’re no longer ostracized for it doesn’t automatically make it acceptable.

Whether you become part of b.spoken is your decision, I don’t want to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do. I’m just introducing you to my ideas. If you share this fascination, fine. If you become part of the b.spoken club, so much the better.

It’s time to look good again. Period.