Hello dear b.spoken community,

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Christopher Schaurte and I am the managing director of b.spoken. I am 24 years old and based in the beautiful city of Munich.

b. spoken is something I have imagined for a long time, but unfortunately I was not able to realize it for a long time. Sometimes it takes some time until an idea can become real. The creativity of fashion in connection with the operational of a company is something I have always wanted to always wanted to work on.

Last year the pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill, and it made me realize to work on something that makes the people around me and me happy. What can fulfill a person more than well-dressed people who believe in themselves, and communicate their personality with style.

Nowadays, unfortunately, in most cases it is only about brands that bring their products to customers at higher prices to the customers. I have noticed that the price, quality and image of most products do not put the customer in the the foreground. The most important thing for a stylish appearance is SELF-CONFIDENCE! In my eyes there is nothing more attractive on a man than a well-fitting suit.

Therefore, we have taken care to offer you something, which does not exist yet and we are looking forward to the development with you!

I am glad that you are going this new way together with us and that and that we will soon be able to meet you under normal circumstances.

Your Chris