Establishing a business in the 21st century has never been easier. Modern technologies enable everyone to set up with a couple of clicks on their smartphone. However, making sure that the modern demands of society and any stakeholder in this supply chain are met is challenging. Hence b.spoken is working intensively to be as sustainable and eco-friendly in its operations right from the beginning. We are doing this because we love to supply you with high quality products that bring joy to the people and that are healthy for our planet.

b.spoken is there to create value for everyone. That’s why we are aiming for a carbon-neutral operation and supply chain. Furthermore we are working hard to create products that are made from recycled materials and to educate you about how to increase the lifespan of your b.spoken piece. We believe that fashion and shopping must return to a state, that creates so much happiness that inevitably people get interested about product care and how to keep their b.spoken product for a long time.

b.spoken loves giving back. This is why we are going to donate something of every sold product to a pool of social organisations. We want to fight against child poverty and for better living and working conditions around the world.